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The Connected series~ Living mycelium sculptures

Connected is Hannah’s first living artwork in her new series exploring living mycelium sculptures. Connected utilises the unique properties of mycelium, the vegetative network of fungi, to form a living, evolving sustainable sculpture. Connected, invites viewers to engage with the natural cycle of growth, decay, and transformation, challenging traditional notions of sculpture and prompting reflection on our relationship with the living world and with ourselves.

Above images. Connected. Living mycelium sculptures by Hannah Hardy 2024. Above right. Detail. The images below are after one day of releasing from the mould. The images at the top display the mycelium growth after two days after release from the mould.

Connected presents a unique artistic opportunity to explore the intersection of art, science, and nature. By harnessing the transformative power of mycelium, this project offers a dynamic, evolving sculpture that fosters dialogue about sustainability, material innovation, and our relationship with the living world. Through its interactive and educational potential, Connected hopes to inspire wonder, spark curiosity, and challenge viewers to perceive the artistic possibilities within the natural world.