The Realising Permanence through Impermanence series

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“Spontaneously out in nature, found items, leaves, flowers, shells come together as a divine co creation. Awareness revealing itself. I feel that life happens through us, as we release limiting beliefs and realise our inherent connection with and as all that is, alignment, peace, compassion and joy effortlessly radiates through. I enjoy that the works take form, express as awareness then are taken back by the winds of change, transient faces realised as the unchanging. The nature art series is called ‘Realising permanence through impermanence’, when all is removed what remains..?” Hannah

Moss Graffiti

Hannah creates living artwork! Her new nature art series celebrates sustainability through moss graffiti (also known as green graffiti or eco graffiti). Hannah’s uplifting visions explore our consciousness and support us to connect with ourselves, to our natural environment and others. These public artworks will continue to change and develop over time and to ultimately disappear back into nature. Hannah’s moss graffiti series lends itself to be featured in international public art commissions and workshops, offering a sustainable way to support our eco system and co create!

To request Hannah to create a moss graffiti artwork for your event/ exhibition/ community and to offer moss graffiti workshops and for press enquiries please get in touch here

Eternal blossoms- moss graffiti nature artwork by Hannah Hardy
Awake- moss graffiti artwork by Hannah Hardy

In her tender and dynamic nature art creations Hannah explores our inherent connection. These nature art creations are part of her series Realising permanence through impermanence.

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Hannah holds space through Free Spirit Sessions for communities to connect to each other, to our natural surroundings and to ourselves. Find out more about the Free Spirit Sessions here