‘It’s great that you have manifested your manual to benefit humanity’ Humanity’s Team

Are you ready to step on your rainbow path of miracles? Hannah’s groundbreaking manual guides you back to your highest remembering through love and playfulness!

Universal breath as featured in the book Where the Fairies, Angels and Goddesses hide

What are people saying about the book..?

‘wow! this book is amazing!. It’s truly a GEM!In5d Magazine

‘This is absolutely breathtaking and spiritually uplifting’ !!! ‘You are incredibly gifted !!!’ JMO

‘This is terrific Hannah’ Lightworkers world

‘Love it. You are wonderful! I love the way you teach. Magic and fairies, and light! your art is fantastic! Keep up the good work. You are a high Being! KS

‘Wow you have really done an amazing work with this book of yours. Not only do you delve into the wisdom of the ancients. But you bring it to light with a playful spirit. An the innocence of a child. As Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. I think you could substitute the word artist with Fairy after reading into your works. So bravo and good job to you and your marvellous soul’ Anon