Hannah is joyed to offer this opportunity for you to get inspired and involved through The Rewilding Portrait Project, whilst also supporting our natural world and nature connection!. She invites you to send her a high quality photo of yourself/ a pet/ loved one and she will take these images out into nature. She will meditate and allow nature to co create through her, creating a souls portrait, connecting us beyond these changeful forms.

Please submit your images to Hannah here

These nature creations happen through her as a sacred co creation through nature and in exchange she invites you to donate to one of the charities below;

https://www.survivalinternational.org/– For tribes, for nature, for all humanity



The Rewilding Portrait Project will eventually be showcased as a public exhibition and book.

Hannah says about her work:
‘From my nature art series Realising Permanence through impermanence. Spontaneously out in nature, found items, leaves, flowers, shells come together as a divine co creation. Awareness revealing itself. I feel that life happens through us, as we release limiting beliefs and realise our inherent connection with and as all that is, alignment, peace, compassion and joy effortlessly radiates through. I enjoy that the works take form, express as awareness then are taken back by the winds of change, transient faces realised as the unchanging. The nature art series is called ‘Realising permanence through impermanence’, when all is removed what remains..?’

Discover more of her nature portraits