‘Spontaneously out in nature, found items, leaves, flowers, shells come together as a divine co creation. Awareness revealing itself. I feel that life happens through us, as we release limiting beliefs and realise our inherent connection with and as all that is, alignment, peace, compassion and joy effortlessly radiates through. I enjoy that the works take form, express as awareness then are taken back by the winds of change, transient faces realised as the unchanging. The nature art series is called ‘Realising permanence through impermanence’, when all is removed what remains..?’ Hannah on her nature art series

In her tender and dynamic nature artworks Hannah explores the temporary and that which remains. The nature artworks are transient yet immortalised by the digital image. Viewing all as sacred Hannah sees the natural and digital world as one. This uplifting and profound experimental mixed media series will be released in 2022 as NFT’s as part of a forthcoming exhibition.

Since graduating from Wimbledon School of Art in London Hannah has been a professional artist and spiritual healer. She has exhibited internationally winning prizes for her experimental mixed media technique and has been involved in various public art projects.