Free Spirit Ceremonies

Hannah is a healer and founder of The Free Spirit Network and the visionary Free Spirit School. 

Embodying the path of The Rainbow Bridge, the path which merges the physical and spiritual realms, Hannah guides with compassion to support others to release patterns which no longer serve through time and space, enabling them to fulfil their soul purpose as free spirits. Hannah holds powerful space supporting the spirit back to alignment, freedom and connecting with spiritual guides.

In the Free Spirit ceremonies Hannah guides the sacred Rainbow Circle to reconnect with their free spirit through healing meditation and ritual to connect to our highest guides through time and space. As The Rainbow Bridge Hannah supports others to fully shine their light to be of highest service to themselves, the wider collective and the earth at this pivotal time, thus embodying what has come to be known as the warriors of the rainbow light, the rainbow prophesy. The free spirit ceremony can incorporate sacred ceremonial cacao which supports in opening the heart space. Hannah leads the circle on sacred vision quests and the ceremony involves special creative expression activities. The ceremony can involve Hannah leading the circle in a rite of passage to honour the divine feminine.

The ceremonies support you to remember and to reembody your free spirit, and often connect the group on a profound level. The ceremonies can be very powerful and held in a safe, loving and joyful space by Hannah

To request Hannah to hold a Free Spirit Ceremony for your group, community or as part of a retreat please email us at