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Live your path of miracles!


I think that you leap to mind when I need some healing work because I see in you the highest spiritual comfort at times, like you really radiate that bliss, A.C

On the wings of an angel. Thank you so much for the soul searching session you offered me. What a temple of self development and spiritual exploration you guided me through. So powerful. Thank you for your deep honesty, authenticity and holding such a mystic place of healing! S.B

I just want to say a huge thank you as I am so grateful for our beautiful healing session last night. Today is the first day in 5 weeks I didn’t have to take painkillers for a head virus and blocked ears. I awoke feeling optimistic now I remember how to know who I really am. I am grateful for the safe and unconditional space you created to facilitate this clearing. D.B

Dear Hannah


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving kindness and healing. It was very moving, powerful energy and I had a few tears of joy at the time. So thank you and much gratitude for the amazing clearing. Watch out world! 
Feel like I’ve turned a massive corner..  can cope with things going on around me and still stay centred – which is a big shift. He fed back now that he is feeling AMAZING and really appreciates it – he said it’s more powerful and deep than he realised and he is grounded and more aligned and had some really good insights 


Hi Hannah Just wanted to say a big thank you for my treatment yesterday. It was really lovely and I have been enjoying feeling……whole! S.F

Hello Hannah,

I came to see you for kinesiology.

I was just sitting here marvelling that I have been sleeping like a log for several nights in a row… I realised that I have been sleeping soundly ever since I saw you – insomnia was one of the ‘problems’ we decided to work on. S.M

Thank you, thank you for yesterday afternoon’s re-balance. I continue to feel as though I have been re-potted and can now continue to flourish and grow. M.W