Art that upgrades your energy field

hannah hardy healing horse

How can Hannah's healing art work make you feel better?


As a holistic healer, Hannah uses her understanding of spiritual guidance to imbue her creations with healing, high frequency energy.

As you spend time with the works they upgrade your energy field, sending rainbow healing directly to you.

This happens through the intention that Hannah held whilst creating the work and the sacred spiritual clearings and ceremonies that she undertakes whilst creating the work.


Have you ever wondered how you can develop your psychic vision?, to be more creative and ascend further on your spiritual journey? To truly express your creative Free Spirit?

Hannah is currently creating an exclusive online course to assist you, which will help you live your creative free spirit, free to dance your path and create the artworks- and life which you dream of, with a deep sense of abundance for all your wellbeing

Limited places available, email Hannah to book your place on the transformational course!


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